Monday, August 24, 2009

A Real Chasitty Cuckold

If the cuckold lifestyle interests you then you have probably read so much fiction that you may find a trutful account of a real chastity cuckold to be rather boring. Yet my account will always be completely truthful, at least from my perspective. Here you'll find out about my hot wife and me, and the lifestyle we lead. You won't find the wild accounts that are just too crazy to be true, although some our antics are rather out there. You certainly won't find all the racial aspects that degrade both races. My wife has had multiracial lovers but is primarily attracted to white guys. I plan to just do my best to give you an accurate account of our lives and what's going on in them.

First the simple definition. A cuckold is a man whose wife is unfaithful to him. In the context we are talking about here, it defines our relationship where my wife is unfaithful to me, but I know about it and I accept it. Not only do I accept it, I am pledged to devote my life to enabling my wife to do it.

Whenever my wife calls for my oath, ( I am normally naked and in my chastity device) I am required to raise my right hand and repeat "I solemnly swear that I will do my best to enable my Hot Wife to do exactly as she pleases. I will never complain when she goes to see a real man for the sex she deserves and I will accept whatever discipline or punishment she sees fit."

That gives you some idea of how serious this all is.

Chastity has several meanings with us. First, she is free to do whatever she wants without explanation, or without even telling me about it. I am not free. I am allowed only to have sex with her, to the extent she allows, and with anyone she may allow. I am not even allowed unrestricted masturbation, I have to have permission for that. Most of the time my "little prisioner" is locked up in a chastity device, a CB3000, to which my Hot Wife holds the key. I am allowed out of the device a couple of times a week when she will give me some hand action with KY warming liquid, sometimes letting me have an oragasm, sometimes not. I cannot come without her permission. In theory her orifices are off limits to me, reserved for real men, although in practice she actually gives me a lot of "mercy sex".

With my wife there is a difference between discipline and punishment. She disciplines me to improve me and punishes for an actual offense. Discipline is very interactive and I actually look forward to it. I often get some form of sexual release as part of the process of discipline. She uses some very tradtional methods like a belt and a flogger, but she also creates discipline herself by doing things like chaining me to the wall by my dick, via the CB3000 and making me spend long boring hours in contemplation of how to be a better cuck.

When she punishes me, it's a very different story. Since we have been doing this lifestyle, nearly two years now, I have only been punished four times. It is not something I look forward to. If I think something I am doing may lead her to punishment, it makes me think twice about it, and refrain from it. I have been unfairly punished on one occasions, but I do not have the right to protest. We agreed that if she chooses to do it, her decision is final. Her punishment is physically painful, carried out with a paddle, with me bound immobile, gagged and hooded. I hate the hood the most physically, but worst of all I dislike being out of her favor, so I work hard to be a good cuck, and she tells me that overall, I am a very good boy.

So let me back up and tell you more about us. We are both 51. My wife is a few days older than me. We've known each other since high school and been married since we were 23. Since before we were married we were active in what most people would refer to as the "swinging" lifestyle. In retrospect I can see many aspects of a cuckold relationship in what we did, but we certainly never thought of ourselvs as a cuckold couple until December of 2007.

Over the years we had a lot of fun in swinging, but overwhelmingly we gravitated to scenes where my very attractive wife had hot sex with mulitiple attractive, young, well hung men.

My wife has alway been very attractive. She's 5-4 and has always maintained her weight in the 120s. She has worked out two or three times a week over her entire adult life and while she's no hard body, she is in very good shape. She's never smoked or done drugs, drunk so lightly that you could call her a non drinker, and generally maintained a healthy lifestyle. She's always been taken for younger than her actual age.

All that was enhanced this past January (2009) when she got a breast lift and enhancement along with a full face lift and other work. She now has a 36C-24-36 figure with a face that looks like it did when she was in her 20s. No one can ever believe is 51. People are seriously stunned to find that she is not in her mid 30s.

As for myself, I'm six feet tall, always been prone to pudge, never worked out, and by November of 2008 I was at 334 lbs. Of course I have a small penis. It's about 5 inches. Since November I have been on a healthy diet and exercise plan. I've lost 75 lbs. and I'm off all medications. My "weanie peni" as my wife calls it, gets hard easily without meds, but no matter what, it's still just five inches, and that's about half the cock that my wife craves, needs, and deserves.

We turned to the cuckold lifestyle on my suggestion actually. I had read a lot about it and found it fascinating. I began to share some of what I discovered with my wife and we experimented with it. It went on like that as a game for several months, then took a dramatic turn that made it a part of our every day reality, but that's the subject of a post in and of itself. I will write a lot more about this, but for now let me just say that my wife adopted the cuckold lifestyle as if it had been developed just for us. She fully came into herself and has excelled in her confidence and happiness. She is now in complete control

The central thing that led me to believe we would both be turned on by a cuckold lifestyle was a relationship my wife had been involved in many years before. We had always been in the swinging or open lifestyle since our dating days. Over the years we had met many people together and separately, but in the Winter of 1992 she developed a real attachment to a very hot man she was seeing.

He was all the things I wasn't, handsome, in shape, althetic, well hung, and wealthy. Although career success has now brought me financial wealth, it's done nothing about my other short comings.

Jennifer's relationship with Don became a real one and far surpassed just the sexual fun they had together. She began to place him first in her priorities and I lost all control over the situation. He never had any intention of doing anything more than just using her as his sex toy, but if he asked her to do something she would drop whatever was going on and run to him, even with me begging her not to.

That relationship was the most trying time of our marriage and nearly led to our breakup. It only ended because he didn't share the same feelings she did.

Okay, so that sounds horrible, and in many ways it was, but it was also the most exciting time of my life. I can't describe how hot, humiliated, and absolutely sexually nuts it drove me. To watch my wife readying herself to go with him was pure torture. To see her leave without knowing when she'd be back. To spend long lonely nights and weekends with her off having great sex with him, was absolute hell. Yet I've never been as excited sexually as I was then, and never made love to her better than when she would return from time with him and let me share her body.

I've never been as conflicted as I was when she finally stopped seeing him. I was so glad it was over, yet I missed the thrill of it all.

So when we set out to play the cuckold game, and it was a game at first, we set out to recreate those intense feelings for us both, but with a safety valve this time. We believed we could experience the fun and excitement of it, but without tearing our marriage apart.

What happened next is the ongoing subject of this blog.